Spring Break 2017



Hello there! I am back after a short break.

For Spring break this year, we did not have any plans to visit anywhere. Atleast I was not aware of any. My friend had plans to visit Smokey Mountains, Tennessee. I wanted to join them so very badly, but my parents said we are not going. A bit disappointed but I was looking forward to spring break anyway.

On first day of my spring break, I stayed home with my baby sister and my mom while papa went to office. I was having fun playing with my sister. My mom was busy cooking in the kitchen. I was curious to know why she is cooking so much but I kept playing with my sister. Then Papa came in the evening and told me, “There is a surprise. We are going somewhere in the evening”. My excitement started growing and I was hoping for a trip to smokey mountain.

Then finally we were done packing and loading up the car. Papa started driving and guess what? Our first stop was my friend’s house. That moment I knew we are going to smokey mountains with my friend and his family. He joined me and my sister at the back seat of our car. We started driving towards smokey mountains. We watched a lot of movies in the car.

We stopped for the night at a hotel in Woodstock, VA. We were so tired that we slept as soon as we reached the hotel.

Next morning we had our breakfast in the hotel… pancake, cinnamon swirls and orange juice.

We took the scenic route of blue ridge parkway. The view from top of the mountain was amazing. We made a stop at one of the view points to have lunch. After some photography, we started driving again.

After a long drive and a few short breaks in between, we finally reached our vacation rental house. It was awesome wooden lodge. Here is a glimpse of our lodge.

Next Day, after breakfast, we went to Laurel Falls hike. It was 1.7 mile hike. There was a waterfall at the top. The water was very cold. We took some pictures there. Also we kids enjoyed some snacks that my mom gave us.

In the evening, we went to city of pigeon forge. There a few things that caught my attention were The Wonderworks – the upside down building, titanic, Hollywood wax museum, Alpine coasters, The Coaster at Goats on the Roof.

After that we went to the city of Gatlinburg. There are many things to see in Gatlinburg. We saw a few among these attractions – Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium, Hollywood Star Cars Museum, Aerial Tramway, Amazing Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, Earthquake The Ride. Before heading back to the lodge, we had pizza at a local shop followed by ice-cream.

Next day after breakfast, we started driving towards Clingman’s dome. On our way we saw lot of burnt trees. It seems there was a wild fire last year which destroyed lot of trees. After driving for about 45 min to an hour, we reached the parking lot of Clingman’s dome. After reaching there, we did a short and quick rock climbing. It was fun. I felt like a mountaineer conquering Mt Everest. Again, the view from the top was mesmerizing.

Then we embarked upon half a mile hike towards the observatory. Even though it was a short hike, it was very steep. My mom, sister and friend’s family already started before us. So we had to quickly catch up to them. They were almost nearing the top when we caught up with them. Finally together we marched towards the observatory.

Oh My God!!! The view from top of the observatory was breathtaking. I cannot express it in words.


Happy and contended, we headed back to the lodge. On our way, we stopped at North Carolina and Tennessee state line to take pictures.

We had plans to do grilling in the evening. So we went to buy some charcoal and other necessary things. We also stopped at a gift shop to  buy some souvenirs. We bought some keychains for me and my friend, a multi tool key chain for my papa, a photo frame to keep our picture and a bear piggy bank for my sister. We named it Sara. My mom also surprised me with a few gemstones that I wanted very badly.

Finally we reached home before sunset. Papa and his friends immediately started grilling. I love the aroma of grilling in the air. The aroma itself made me hungry. The sun was almost ready to go down for the night. The view from the porch was a feast for our eyes. We were having double feast .. feast for our hungry stomach and feast for our eyes.


Slowly the sun went down for the night. But the fun was not over yet. After dinner we spent some time chatting. After that all the boys went to enjoy alpine coasters. It was so much fun.

Finally we came home and it was time for sleep. I slipped into my pjs and slowly drifted to my world of dreams.

Next morning, after packing and cleaning, we headed back home. I was sad to say bye to our lodge. I wish we could stay a little longer. With a heavy but contended heart, I sat inside the car and papa started driving us back. On the way we stopped at a rest area to have lunch. Then again it was time for a long drive back home. After a couple of short breaks, finally we reached home at night. After reaching home, my sister was not ready to get down from the car. She wanted to go back to the wooden house it seems. Somehow mom dad managed to bring her down. After a quick dinner of flatbread pizza, we went to bed. Within no time, we were all snoring.

It was an AWESOME Spring Break. I am already looking forward to our next trip (whenever that is).

One thought on “Spring Break 2017

  1. that’s a great story I’m 12 years old and I cant even think of writing like u keep following your dreams buddy never give up 🙂


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