Mashed Potato Madness


Once upon a time there was a boy named Mashed Potato. He used to eat only mashed potato. Mashed potato for breakfast, mashed potato for lunch, mashed potato for dinner and guess what, mashed potato for snacks too. He ate anything and everything made of potato.


One day he ate mashed potato all day long. So he ran out of mashed potato. He went in search of more mashed potatos. He looked here and there, everywhere. Finally he came across a castle made up of mashed potato.


He was so hungry that he gobbled the whole castle up. Looking at this, the king became very very angry and threw Mashed Potato out of his kingdom.

Sad but contented, Mashed Potato came back home. But after eating so much mashed potato, he fell sick. So mommy took him to the doctor. Doctor gave him shots and three advices :

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Eat healthy and
  3. Eat healthy


Mashed Potato started eating fruits and vegetables along with some mashed potato and baked potato. He lived happy and healthy ever after.

The End.

Learning : Eat healthy, live healthy.

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