A Tale of Broc-Coli


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Broc. His full name was Broc Coli. So everyone used to call him Broccoli. Broc was a fun loving curious kid but he had a secret wish… a wish to turn himself into something else.


One day while roaming around in a department store, he bumped into a magic fan. The magic fan turned him into a shopping cart.


Broc started having fun in his new avatar, twisting, turning, wheeling around the aisles until people started putting heavy stuff on him. Everytime he got loaded with super heavy stuff, he kept saying ow, ow, ow. Somehow he managed to reach the magic fan and wished to be turned into a watering can.

Broc enjoyed being a watering can for a little while as he loved to play with water. He enjoyed watering the plants and colorful flowers in the garden center. It was a feast for his eyes. He played with water the whole day to his hearts content.


But as the day turned into night, it became dark and cold. Broc started shivering with cold and slowly sneaked out in search of the magic fan. Huffing and puffing and panting and shivering, he managed to find the magic fan.

Broc touched the magic fan and said to him “Oh dear Magic Fan, please please please turn me into my real self”. The magic fan was happy to grant him his wish and turned him back into Broccoli. Happy, relieved and tired, Broccoli went back to the vegetable aisle and was super excited to be re-united with his friends and family.

The End.

Learning : No matter what you are, no matter how you look, be comfortable in your own skin.

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